Juggernaut Dota 2 Low Poly Art

Starting my blog with this simple low poly portrait from Dota 2 the mask of Juggernaut. I decided to implement the low poly style on my digital artworks. Why? Because I like the style of breaking down the image into fragments by using different kinds of polygon. By this process it creates a unique look from the original image. 

The software that I used are:
  • Adobe Illustrator for shape forming and color application.
  • Adobe Photoshop for gradient background application.


Low poly technique is very time consuming and it requires a lot of patience and by the way this is my first time to do a low poly portrait, this mask took me 3 hours to make. 

I almost give up and really frustrated when I did the polygons, but when I start filling the polygons with color in Adobe Illustrator, the beauty of low poly style is starting to pop out and after a few more edits on Adobe Photoshop,

I came up with a great and rewarding output. I realize that in making this kind of art, you need the four keys: 

"Patience, effort, hard work, talent and inspiration to produce this kind of digital art."