Skeleton King Dota 2 Low Poly Art


Skeleton King is a strength base hero in Dota 2, he can be carry or tank it depends on the situation. But I recommend him doing carry because this hero can be reliable in late game. He can be lethal on the game if he has good set of items and if the user can execute the skills properly during team fights.

Wraith Fire

His first skill Wraith Fire Blast will stun the enemy which is good for surprise attack and executing team fights.

Vampiric Aura & Mortal Strike

His second skill Vampiric Aura gives him life steal and his allies which is a good as a support skill and his third skill Mortal Strike gains a chance to deal bonus damage on each attack useful when you have great attack speed, you will have more chance of critical strike..


His fourth skill Reincarnation allow Skeleton King to resurrect from the dead and larges down nearby enemies when he comes back.



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