Sniper Dota 2 Low Poly Art

Kardel Sharpeye

Sniper is a range carry who can deal massive damage to his enemies at long range. This hero is an annoying foe because of his long range ability but at the same time he is squishy. It's better for him to stay on the back on team fights so he can deal massive damage to his enemy if you will not notice him.


Sniper shower the target area with in explosive pellets. Villains are subject to damage, slow movement and reveals the target area.

Head shot and Take aim

Head shot increases the accuracy of Sniper and giving him a chance to deal extra damage and briefly stops the movement of his enemy while Take aim extends the attack range of Sniper.


Sniper locks on the target for two seconds and fires a shot with massive damage at long range. It also stuns the target for a short period of time.



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