Low Poly Art - Bloodseeker Dota 2


Strygwyr is a snowballing carry who grows faster and stronger as his enemies get weaker. Like a shark in water, Bloodseeker detects injured enemies across the entire map and runs them down with unnatural speed through his Thirst. His Rupture makes enemies bleed with every step, allowing him to gank targets with ease during the early game. Regaining health each time an enemy falls, Bloodseeker overwhelms enemy teams in fights, leaving little chance for turnarounds. However, Bloodseeker has no disables of his own, and must rely on his teammates to lock down targets.

Blood Rage and Blood Rite

Blood Rage drives a unit into a bloodthirsty rage during which a unit deals, and takes, increased damage. Units affected by Bloodrage will be healed for a percentage of the max health of any units they kill. Units affected by Bloodrage when killed will heal a percentage of their max health to their killer. Blood Rite baptizes an area in sacred blood. After 2.9 seconds the ritual completes, causing any enemies caught in the area to take damage and become silenced.

Thirst and Rupture

Bloodseeker's Thirst skill is invigorated by the wounds of his enemies, gaining bonus movement speed and attack damage whenever an enemy hero's health falls below 75%, with the bonuses increasing as their health falls further. If an enemy hero's health falls below 25%, he will also gain vision and True Sight of that hero. Bonuses stack per hero. Causes an enemy unit's skin to rupture. Rupture skill occurs when the unit moves, it takes a percentage of the distance traveled as damage. The damage is dealt through spell immunity.