Low Poly Art - Venomancer Dota 2


Lesale Deathbringer is a ranged agility hero who is focused on dealing damage over time and slowing enemies down. While unassuming due to his mediocre stats and low attack range, he can inflict surprising amounts of gradual damage with his poisonous abilities if left alone.

Venomous Gale and Poison Sting

Venomous Gale launches a ball of venom in a line, poisoning enemy units so that they take both initial damage and damage over time, as well as suffering slowed movement. Venomous Gale deals damage every 3 seconds over its duration. Poison Sting adds poison damage to Venomancer's normal attacks, slowing movement speed.

Plague Ward and Poison Nova

Plague Ward summons a plague ward to attack enemy units and structures. The ward is immune to magic. Wards gain the Poison Sting level from Venomancer, dealing 50% of the full damage. Poison Ward is a spreading ring of poison that does damage over time to enemy units around Venomancer. Poison Nova cannot deal lethal damage; targets will be left with at least 1 health.