Low Poly Art - Viper Dota 2


Viper the Netherdrake is a ranged agility hero who can function as an excellent nuker, ganker and carry due to his assortment of low-cooldown spells and debilitating auto attacks.

Poison Attack and Nethertoxin

Poison Attack intensifies Viper's venom, adding an effect to his normal attack that slows attack and movement speed while dealing damage over time based on how low the target is. Viper releases a Nethertoxin at the targeted area. Units in that area take damage over time, have lower resistance and their passives do not work.

Corrosive Skin and Viper Strike

Corrosive Skin exudes an infectious toxin that damages and slows any enemy that damages it in a 1400 radius. The acid exudate also increases Viper's resistance to magic. Viper Strike slows the targeted enemy unit's movement and attack speed while also dealing poison damage over time. The slowing effect reduces over the duration of the poison.


You can now download high resolution 2550x1440 desktop wallpaper here.