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Bane Elemental

Bane, is a ranged intelligence hero, possessing dark and nightmarish abilities that give him strong disabling, ganking, and nuking prowess. Mostly played as a support, he has some of the highest starting stats of any hero, yet is unique in the sense that all his attributes and stat growths are equivalent. In addition, he possesses four highly potent single-target spells, which if used properly can more than make up for his complete lack of area of effect presence and pushing power.

Enfeeble and Brain Sap

Enfeeble weakens an enemy unit, reducing its physical damage. Brain Sap feasts on the vital energies of an enemy unit, healing Bane and dealing damage.

Nightmare and Fiend's Grip

Nightmare puts the target enemy or friendly Hero to sleep. Sleeping units are awakened when attacked, but the Nightmare passes to the attacking unit. Bane can attack nightmared targets freely. Fiend's grip holds an enemy unit, disabling it and causing heavy damage over time, while stealing mana every 0.5 second based on the unit's maximum mana.

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