Galactic Bots

Galactic Bots is a collection of unique bots using 3d software Nomad. The bots are rendered individually using the app. I only made 50 Bots with rarities. You just need to send 18 ADA on this address (SOLD OUT) to received the NFT. Please do not use EXCHANGE (Binance, Bitrex etc.) when sending payment and use NAMI,YOROI, DAEDALUS or ADALITE for payment. Once the payment is complete just wait for 30-60 seconds(depending on network traffic) and you're NFT will arrive. Just in case you want more than one copy send 54 ADA to get 3 or send 90 ADA to get 5 (Max up to 5). If we reach sold out next payments will be automatically be refunded. Take note that the refund will not be full amount because we need to subtract the transaction fee when we send the refund.

Policy ID: 1ed8e796f6246e8521168b8d9dcf1c6e3b65c98ef4926edf54d10ea4

20 Common

18 Uncommon

8 Rare

4 Ultra-Rare