Red Ranger Low Poly Art

Red Ranger Finish Digital Art

The above image is the finished output. After working the process on Adobe Illustrator transfer it to Adobe Photoshop for background application and some final retouching for satisfying results. 

Here I decided to go with dark blue background so the colors of Red Ranger will pop out. So there is the final output and it looks really nice and amazing. I dedicate this to the fans of Power Rangers during the 1990's. Below I will post some ideas to apply this digital art.

Tracing Process Red Ranger

Here is the work in progress of this digital lowpoly art. Starting with shape forming using pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. This took one and a half hour, after this use the eyedropper tool to fill the shapes with the colors that you like.

T-shirt Design

Laptop Sticker

Desktop Wallpaper

Next week I will be posting the Gundam collection. This will be my last digital lowpoly art post for the 90's tribute. I will see you tomorrow for my next blog. Thank you for viewing! And have a great day.