Gundam Banshee Low Poly Art

The Tracing Process

Hello! It's me again with another new digital lowpoly artwork and we will start the new series entitled "Gundam Collection". Starting the blog with the work in progress of Gundam Banshee from Unicorn Gundam series. 

The above image is the process of shape forming in Adobe Illustrator using pen tool. It takes time to trace and form shapes and this process is important because here you will need to be creative to have satisfying results on your digital lowpoly art.

Gundam Banshee

The above image is the final output of  Gundam Banshee. Using the eyedropper tool feel the shapes that you formed from Adobe Illustrator and after that, transfer it to Adobe Photoshop for finishing touches. 

What I did in Adobe Photoshop are background application using gradient tool, filling the noticeable gaps using pen tool and adjusting hue and saturation for better results.