Low Poly Art - NBA Splash Brothers

The Splash Brothers

I will post early today because I'm going to the beach later with my friends. I'll be back Sunday for our last low poly art for NBA collection

For today's low poly art I chose the Splash Brothers from Golden State Warriors call me fan boy it's okay I'm really a fan of this two guys. They're scoring ability is just to great. Curry can score thirty points per game same with Thompson because of their shooting ability on the three point line.

As you can notice I just combined what I made on the first day and on the fourth day. It just happened that I made both of them and decided to combine them with a title of Splash Brothers. The details so far is quiet good and I'm sure that fans will like them.

That is all for today guys and I will see you on my next low poly art blog. For now I'm off time to relax and go to the beach. Thank you guys for dropping by on my low poly art blog. I'll be back on Sunday to continue my NBA low poly art collection.