Low Poly Art - NBA Kyrie Irving

The Ankle Breaker

Kyrie Irving and his deadly crossovers can break your ankles, this guy is popular because of his speed, handling and dribbling skills. 

Kyrie Irving is from the team Cleveland Cavaliers partnered with the superstar player Lebron James this team is deadly. I'm a fan of Kyrie Irving so I decided  to include him on our NBA collection. I hope this guy gets his title ring this season.

Tracing and Shape Forming Process

The above image is the process that I used to achieved this low poly art look. This along will took you at least three hours and another two hours for coloring. This was all done in Adobe Illustrator and after that transfer it to Adobe Photoshop for background application and some additional finishing touches.

Here is a closer look of the finished low poly art. It brings satisfying results and the details are just right in my opinion. The five hours of patience and hard work is really satisfying at the end. 

"When doing this kind of low poly art style don't forget to take a break when needed don't rush it because it will end on a low quality output and that is not good."

I will end this low poly art blog with some wallpaper ideas. This digital art is dedicated to Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers and to the fans of Kyrie Irving. 

I hope you like this blog for today and this NBA low poly art collection will still continue until Sunday.  Stay tuned for more low poly art, I will see you guys tomorrow for the continuation of my NBA low poly art collection. Thank you for dropping by on my blog.