Heart Breaker Low Poly Art

Ironman Mark XVII

Ironman Mark XVII code named "Heart Breaker" is one of the coolest armor that Tony Stark made. This suit has a red and gold color scheme which is the common color way of the ironman suits although there are some features that Tony Stark change on this armor. The helmet looks totally different and the armor is much more different than the previous one that he made. 

In this lowpoly digital art I just work on the head and it will take a lot of time if I complete the whole armor. This digital lowpoly art just took me four hour to make and I got some of the details right. The outcome of this digital art is satisfying although I didn't complete the whole armor, I'll just put on my backlog. When the right time comes I will also work on his armor at least I'm done with the head part.

This was made on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and I dedicate this to the Ironman fanatics, I'm sure you will like this. That is all for today and I will see you on my next blog.