War Machine Low Poly Art

Rhodes War Machine

It is the last day of our Iron man collection and for this day I made a lowpoly digital art of War Machine. This suit that Tony Stark made this armor and Rhodes took this armor from him because Tony relapse from alcoholism. Rhodes modify this armor with the help of U.S army and the final output was really cool and it literally means war. This armor is one of my favorite on iron man suits, why? Because it has a lot of details and it looks amazing. 

I made this lowpoly digital art for six hours, four hours tracing and coloring on Adobe Illustrator and two hours applying background plus finishing touches. 

"Hard work pays off the output is satisfying and it looks amazing." 

I dedicate this digital art to the War Machine fans. That is all for today and I will see you next week with a new lowpoly digital artworks. Thank you for tuning in.