Omniknight Dota 2 Low Poly Art

Purist Thunderwrath

Omniknight is a good melee support hero. He is known for his good support skill set that mainly focus on protecting his allies. This hero is a savior during team fights in Dota 2, he can save the whole team because of his last skill. If the user can execute the skills properly your team can win any kinds of clash in the game.


He possessed a strong healing ability called Purification which is good for healing his teammates and at the same time give damage to nearby enemies.


Omniknight also have spell immunity skill "Repel" this skill prevents enemy spells on your teammates.

Degen Aura

His third skill "Degen Aura" can slow the enemy and is good for chasing opponents in Dota 2.

Guardian Angel

Finally his "Guardian Angel" skill is a skill that is good for clash because it provides complete immunity against physical damage to all of your allies. This skill is very useful for escaping and during clash.



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