Enigma Dota 2 Low Poly Art

The Consumer of Worlds

Enigma is a good initiator, jungler and disabler in Dota 2. Many players pick this because of its ability to farm alone (Demonic conversion). Enigma can be very vicious if the user is skilled and teamed with a proper combo. Below are Enigma lowpoly wallpaper made by me.


His first skill Malefice cause damage and repeatedly stuns the enemy for multiple instances.

Demonic Aura

His second skill Demonic Aura transforms a creep into three fragments of Enigma himself. These tiny clones of Enigma are all under Enigma's control, and repeated successful attacks cause them to multiply. When this happens, the tiny little clones of Enigma have their health restored.

Midnight Pulse

His third skill Midnight Pulse Steeps an area in dark resonance, damaging enemy units based on their max hit points.

Black Hole

His ultimate Black Hole summons a vortex that sucks in nearby enemy units. Enemies affected by Black Hole cannot move, attack, or cast spells



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