Pudge Dota 2 Low Poly Art

The Butcher

The Butcher is a flexible gank hero and he can be lethal both in early and late game. His tanky nature is very useful during team fights and his sneaky skill can lead to an instant kill on the game . This melee strength hero can kill on his own because of his set of skills: 

Meat Hook

Lets check the Butcher's skill set starting with his first skill Meat Hook that throws a straight hook to a hero and snags the target. It will drag target near to the Butcher dealing enormous damage. This skill can give you early kill during the start of the game just make sure you bring one of your ally to help you.

Rot and Flesh Heap

Rot is his second skill that releases toxic cloud that deals damage and slowing the movement of the hero not only the nearby enemies but also Pudge himself. The Butcher's third skill is Flesh Heap. It is a passive skill that gives the Butcher resistance to magic damage, as well as bonus strength that increases each time Pudge kills an enemy hero.


Pudge ultimate skill is Dismember, he bites and disable the enemy dealing damage overtime. The Butcher's skill set is a good combo, he can be lethal in the game if the user is really skilled.  If the game continues to it's final stage Pudge can be very useful both tank and carry, this guy can be annoying if he has good set of items and you can bait him during team fights giving your team the opportunity to kill your enemies.

"Meat hook + Rot + Dismember = Instant kill"

Desktop Wallpaper


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