Low Poly Art - Weaver Dota 2


Weaver is a ranged agility hero, renowned for being one of the hardest heroes in the game to properly lock down and kill, despite his extreme frailty. This is mainly due to his low-cooldown Shukuchi ability, which provides him both max movement speed and invisibility when used, making him highly effective at chasing enemies as well as escaping from battle. His exceptional ability to maneuver around the battle, seeking the most fragile enemy heroes, is bolstered by his last two abilities.

Swarm and Shukuchi

His first skill Swarm launches a swarm of 12 young Weavers that latch on any enemy unit in their path, attacking and reducing armor until it is killed. Shukuchi is the ability of Weaver to shift out of visibility, gaining the ability to move at maximum speed through physical units--doing harm to any enemies it passes through.

Germinate Attack and Time Lapse

Germinate Attack is passive skill that allows weaver to dispatch to attacks at once. Time Lapse is Weaver's ability to  warp backward to whatever position it was in five seconds earlier--regaining the HP and mana from that time. No effect on cooldown, gold or experience.