Low Poly Art - Tusk Dota 2


Tusk is a melee strength hero whose array of icy disables make him a very strong team initiator and ganker. He has a damage nuke, disable and an initiating skill which very useful during team fights. However, his skill and aggressive play style can be a double edge against him when it comes to initiating & chasing fleeing enemies as his ice shard can block his teammates from proceed with the chase and he can roll himself into a counter-ganking trap set up by his opponent. Thus, although his skillset is rather straightforward, player should exercise good judgement before consider initiation.

Ice Shards

Tusk compresses shards of ice into a ball of frozen energy that damages all enemies it comes in contact with. When the ball reaches its target destination the shards are released, creating a barrier that lasts for 7 seconds.


Tusk begins rolling into a snowball. Allies within a 350 radius can also be added to the snowball by right-clicking on them, even while the snowball is moving. Once launched, any enemies caught in the snowball's path will be stunned and take damage. Each allied Hero in the snowball will add to its damage.

Frozen Sigil and Walrus Punch

Tusk summons a Frozen Sigil by calling upon the deepest cold of winter. The Sigil creates a snowstorm which slows all enemy units within 600 range. Tusk connects with his mighty Walrus Punch, a critical strike so powerful it launches its victim into the air. The victim is slowed upon landing.