Low Poly Art - Death Prophet Dota 2

Death Prophet

The Death Prophet, is a ranged intelligence hero who excels at pushing lanes.She is a powerful spell-caster, who has wide Area of Effect spells which specialize in pushing lanes and also devastating enemy defensive towers quickly in order to enter their enemy base, to gain victory within a short period of time

Crypt Swarms and Silence

Crypt Swarms sends a swarm of winged beasts to savage enemy units in front of Death Prophet. Silence prevents enemy units in a target area from casting spells.

Spirit Siphon and Exorcism

Spirit Siphon creates a spirit link between Death Prophet and an enemy unit, draining max health per second and slowing the enemy's movement speed. Exorcism unleashes evil spirits to drain the life of nearby enemy units and structures. At the end of the spell's duration, Death Prophet is healed in proportion to the damage dealt.