Low Poly Art - Terrorblade Dota 2


The Demon Marauder is a melee agility carry hero who is devastating in the later stages of the game. Terrorblade has the highest starting armor in the game, but is squishy due to his low health, meaning he needs strength items to be tanky enough to sustain damage to himself and his illusions. As with all illusion-based heroes, he needs stat-based items in order to make his illusions powerful. He is a potent carry who demolishes buildings and heroes alike with his illusions. With Metamorphosis, he transforms into an imposing demon avatar, gaining the ability to deal high damage at range. However, Terrorblade's low natural health makes him quite fragile in the early game, and his reach is rather limited without Metamorphosis.

Reflection and Conjure Image

Reflection skill brings forth an invulnerable dark reflection of all nearby enemy heroes. Affected enemy heroes are slowed and attacked by their reflection. Conjure Image creates an illusion of Terrorblade that deals damage.

Metamorphosis and Sunder

Metamorphosis transforms Terrorblade into a powerful demon with a ranged attack. Any of Terrorblade's illusions that are within 900 range will also be transformed by Metamorphosis. Sunder severs the life from both Terrorblade and a target hero, exchanging a percentage of both units' current health. Some health points must remain.