Low Poly Art - Phantom Lancer Dota 2

Phantom Lancer

Azwraith is a melee agility carry and pusher because of his ability to generate an army of illusions in a matter of seconds. He requires deep cunning, positioning, and most importantly, great micromanagement as his illusions might just get in the way rather than help the situation if not utilized correctly. Many of his abilities help him in his creation of images, allowing him to always have a companion.

Spirit Lance and Doppelganger

Spirit Lance sends a magical spirit lance to a target enemy unit that damages and slows, while summoning an illusory phantom to attack the unit. Doppelganger skill makes Phantom Lancer briefly vanishes from the battlefield. After 1 second, Phantom Lancer and any of his nearby illusions reappear at a random position within the targeted location, along with two additional doppelgangers. The two added doppelgangers have different properties: one takes normal damage and deals none, while the other takes 600% damage and deals 20% damage.

Phantom Rush and Juxtapose

Phantom Rush targets an enemy for an attack, Phantom Lancer quickly charges into range, gaining a temporary agility boost upon reaching the target. Phantom Lancer's illusions also have this ability. Juxtapose is a chance to fracture his presence, creating an illusion of himself. Illusions also have a chance to fracture further. Illusions created from Phantom Lancer last for 8 seconds, while illusions created from other illusions last 4 seconds.