Low Poly Art - NBA Dirk Nowtizki

Mavericks Star

The star from the Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki is a great player and won the 2011 NBA finals. This guy is a 13 All Star, 12 time all NBA team member and the first European player to start in All Star Game. Dirk Nowitzki is known for his deadly fade away jump shot that is difficult to block because of his height.

The Tracing Process

This low poly art took me at least twelve hour to make, The tracing process is done within five hours, coloring using the eyedroppers tool took me five hours also. This was all done on Adobe Illustrator

After the process on Adobe Illustrator I transferred it to Adobe Photoshop for some finishing touches and background application that process is done within two hours. I'm also taking a break if needed I can't go straight working on a lowpoly digital art especially if the picture is so detailed. 

This low poly art difficulty level is hard, you need to have a lot of patience to finish this kind of digital art. I also thought it was easy but I am wrong on that part but, hard work and patience pays off at the end.

"The result is satisfying and looks amazing." 

I dedicate this low poly art to the Dirk Nowtizki fans. I hope you like my low poly art render on this NBA player. I will see you guys on my next low poly art blog. Thank you for dropping by.