Low Poly Art - Mega Man Star Force

The main character in Mega Man Star Force will be featured today for our daily low poly art collection. I did same approach on this low poly artwork. If you are following the blog regularly you will see the different kind of background that I apply. 

"This low poly digital artwork is hard mode it will eat a lot of time to finish this kind of artwork."

The estimated time to finish this artwork is at least four hours. I spent most of my time tracing and applying colors on Adobe Illustrator and at least two hours working and finalizing the low poly art background on Adobe Photoshop. 

The final output looks amazing, hard work pays off again. When working on this kind of digital art take breaks every two hours, relax your eyes and something different so you will not get bored. 

Because when boredom strikes it will result to poor outcome and you will surely rush the process. Take this piece of advice and I’m sure it will help you when making any forms of low poly art.

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