Low Poly Art - Battle Network vs Star Force

It's been awhile since I last posted about low poly art. I just bought my laptop so I will still try to update this blog every week. It's been very busy at work with one day off, I hope I can still pull this off. 

Anyway back to the main topic, so this will be the last post for low poly art megaman collection and as you can notice that I already updated the gallery section check it out, For next week I will be uploading low poly art Super Mario collection so always check the blog if you are a fan of Super Mario.

This is actually a recycle low poly art from my previous works. I just realized that it will look cool if I put them like this. Half face of Megaman Battle Network and Half face of Megaman Star Force

Who would you think will win if they go head to head? Let me know on the comment section. This is so easy to work on just cropped the two picture and put them side by side using Adobe Photoshop. That's how you do it, really simple.

Wallpaper Ideas

That's it for today and I will see you again on my next blog post. See you next week for the Low Poly Art Super Mario Collection

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"Anyway I will still continue because I love doing it." 

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