Low Poly Art - Megaman X3 Armor

Hi guys! Today I will feature a low poly art of Megaman Armor for our low poly art Megaman collection. The colors on this low poly digital art are just right and incredible. I decided to apply that low poly art background so that the main character will pop-out. 

"In terms of color combination this lowpoly art has a great color work."

I just decided to skip the proper process on creating this low poly art. I started on forming the shapes to lessen the time that I spent on making this low poly piece. Starting with the feet.

After 30 minutes of working on this low poly art and finally I'm done with the feet. Next is completing the lower body of Megaman X3  Armor. It took me another 30 minutes to complete this.

Next is the upper body of Megaman X3 Armor low poly art. It took me another 30 minutes to complete this. Take breaks if you feel bored and tired. 

"Completing a piece like this requires a lot effort and patience."

After taking my break I resume to finish the whole low poly art. The outcome is already satisfying in my eyes. It took me almost 2 hours to finish the whole process.

The final output was process on Adobe Photoshop (Image below). Well it really depends on what artwork you are working with. I will still chose the proper process (Tracing), I'm just bored that's why I skip tracing and forming the shapes immediately. I just want to try this if I will save some time. Anyway the output satisfying so any process will do.

The process is just simple but it takes a lot of time to finish. You need a lot of patience to achieve this kind of low poly art. 

Software used: 

  • Adobe Illustrator for tracing and color application.
  • Adobe Photoshop is for background application and additional finishing touches. 

That’s all for today’s low poly art blog. I hope you enjoy this low poly art post and thank you for dropping by on my low poly art blog. I will see you guys on my next low poly art blog!