Low Poly Art - Voltron

The Defender of the Universe

This is the first series of  Voltron and it is composed of five young pilots commanding five robot lions. When the five lions merge they form the mighty Voltron to fight their enemies. This force is in charge on protecting planet Arus that is ruled by princess Allura. The evil King Zarcon and his son Lotor are the main enemies on this series. Witch Hagger is in charge on creating the Ro-Beast to frighten the people of planet Arus and Voltron is built to stop them from destroying the peace on their planet.

The Five Lions

  • Black Lion - Japanese name is Kurojishi, piloted by Keith and it forms the main body of Voltron
  • Red Lion - Japanese name is Akajishi, piloted by Lance. It forms the right arm of Voltron.
  • Green Lion - Japanese name Midonjishi, piloted by Pidge. It forms the left arm of Voltron.
  • Blue Lion - Japanese name Aojishi, piloted by Sven. It forms the right leg of Voltron.
  • Yellow Lion - Japanese name Kijishi, piloted by Hunk. It forms the left leg of Voltron. 

5 Facts about Voltron

  • The original title of Voltron is Beast King Golion.
  • It was the highest rated kids show and the first big Mecha-anime.
  • Voltron is a living thing.
  • Almost every battles was finish with the blazing sword.
  • There is a reboot and it is showing on Netflix now.



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