Low Poly Art - Toad

Hi guys for today's blog post will be the same as the second post from Super Mario collectionFor a whole body lowpoly art, it requires a lot of time to finish same with Super Mario and Luigi this also took me four hours to finish. Anyway the outcome is cute and the details are just right so I really don't mind. The image below is the final output.

I skipped the traditional procedures and went straight to shape forming and coloring. I didn't do the tracing part using shapes because it consume so much time. 

"Overall the result is still fine even though I skipped the first procedure which is tracing."

After coloring I transfer it to Adobe Photoshop for background application and some additional finishing touches. Below is just a wallpaper idea  for you guys who check the blog regularly.

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Feel free to use it as your wallpaper, I really don't mind. Thank you so much for dropping by on my blog and peace!