Low Poly Art - Sumo

It's the last day of our Super Mario collection and for today Mr. Sumo will be featured on my blog. Same with the past blog post another whole body lowpoly art which is really hard to do and very time consuming. 

This piece also consume 4 hours of my time and the result is this(image below). The result are really good and the details are just right and simple.

I did the same approach on this one like I did on the past lowpoly art. No more traditional procedures just jump in and form the shapes then color until I finish it. It saves a lot of my time and I finish it fast. 

"But when you are a beginner on this kind of art don't skip the tracing part because that serves as your pattern when coloring." 

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It really helps a lot to keep me pushing through, anyway I will still do it because I like doing this art. That's it for today's blog have great day to everyone.