Low Poly Art Collection - DOTA 2

Ending this year 2016 with this Dota 2 logo. Characters from this game will be uploaded on year 2017 every week so stay tuned for more lowpoly artworks.

I'm so busy on the past months and I don't have the time to post my works on my blog they are piling up. I wish that I will have more time to blog for year 2017. I really want to keep this blog running to share my artworks to you guys who follow the blog.


Wallpaper Ideas

That's it for today! Stay tuned for more lowpoly artworks. I will come back strong on my blog this year 2017. Thank you guys for supporting the blog and have a great New Year don't forget to check the Gallery section for more lowpoly wallpapers. More lowpoly artworks to come!