Anti-Mage Dota 2 Low Poly Art


Starting my Dota 2 lowpoly collection with Anti mage. As I promised I will blog every first Monday of the week. This character is not my favorite pick in dota 2 because of it's squishy nature. The advantage of picking this character is because of it's fast agility and he is a threat to mana-reliant heroes in Dota 2. 

Mana Break and Blink 

His first skill Mana break skill burns the mana of your target for them not to use their skill giving you the chance to kill the enemy easily and His second skill Blink is highly versatile that teleport himself in short distance to instantly kill any intelligence based characters.

Spell Shield

Third skill Spell shield is a passive skill that gives Anti-Mage magic resistance from the skills of other intelligence based characters.

Mana Void

His Ultimate Mana Void finishes off targets after their mana has been burned, inflicting heavy damage to both the target and enemies surrounding the target.


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