Low Poly Art - Yellow Lion

The Yellow Lion

I just want to continue this Voltron low poly art collection because it is not complete. Before I left Philippines I forgot to continue this low poly art collection. Now is the time to finish it. Next week the low poly art blog will be all about Voltron. After I finish this low poly art collection I will begin a new low poly art collection blog.

The Pilot

Kijishi is one of the most important part in Voltron because this lion forms the left leg of Voltron. The Yellow Lion is piloted by Hunk the friendliest and kindest of the team. Hunk is the voice of caution and despite his immense strength he has a hard time engaging in fights due to his gentle nature. The pilot has fear of heights that overcome when he become the pilot of Yellow Lion.

The pilot of this unit is the most physically powerful of the team. He has immense size and girth and his bulk is made of mostly dense muscles. Hunk is also a fast learner and a skilled marksman that helps the team during team fights. 

Main Weapons 

  •  Plasma Flash Cannon
  •  Radial Shogun Shoulder Blasters
  •  Mk.1 Fang Missiles
  •  Mouth Dagger

Desktop Wallpapers


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