Low Poly Art - Vehicle Team Voltron

The Second Series Voltron

This version of Voltron is entirely different from the old version. The Voltron force here consist of fifteen members, divided into three teams of five. The teams are Land, Sea and Air teams and each team specialized in gathering data or fighting in their area of expertise. 

The Team

Each team can combine to form a bigger machine. Each team has their own expertise. For example Sea team can fight on water only, Land team can fight on ground only and Air team is expert on fighting on the sky. These fighters are named

  • Aqua Team (Water)
  • Turbo Terrain Fighter (Land)
  • Strato Fighter (Sky)

The Mighty Voltron

When all the machines are combined they will form the mighty Voltron. However when they use they ultimate form they only last for five minutes. Because Voltron has enough stored solar energy to operate for five minutes.

Desktop Wallpaper


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